The YFDP burned in a backfire set to control the progression of the Rim Fire of 2013. This event gave us a unique opportunity to examine the post-fire evolution of the forest, including the mechanisms of immediate and delayed fire mortality. Using the YFDP as a calibration area, we are developing models of post-fire mortality throught the greater Yosemite landscape as well as testing existing models of fire mortality.

This map illustrates the range of burn severity within the YFDP (classifications are calibrated dNBR values). Green polygons indicate unburned surface area.

This map illustrates the locations of the validation plots established to test models of post-fire mortality.

This figure illustrates one of the validation plots. The pre-fire, LiDAR-derived canopy is shown in shaded polygons, with the bole location of trees >10 cm dbh. Tree location and status were determined post-fire.

This post-fire mortality research project is supported by the Joint Fire Science Program as grant 16-1-04-02, "Using multi-scale spatial data to improve predictions of immediate and delayed post-fire mortality".